About us

Türk Kurtuluş is a company based in Istanbul, Türkiye that specialized in exporting industrial products of all kinds from Türkiye and other parts of the world to world wide customers. 

Whether the goods are of its production, manufactured  for it or other ready goods, the company is characterized by its high professionalism, swift services as well as credibility in its business.  

Through our practical experience that has been acquired through the years dealing with south east Asia, middle east, Europe and African Industrial and manufacturing markets we have decided to provide these services to the industrial and manufacturing sector all around the world. Turkish manufacturing sector is on of the fastest growing sectors in the world and it is taking a big step in international supply chain and replacing big countries like china and Taiwan due to its competitive shipping and transporting cost and its superb geographical location between the east and west. Türk Kurtuluş provides supplies such as raw material, packaging material, spare parts and all required industrial services and audits to most industrial sectors. In addition, we have felt the need for a safe and more attractive alternative supply for companies who are importing from Türkiye, an alternative that keeps them fully informed about the Turkish markets and their hidden treasures and real opportunities. We are working to provide the necessary  support in the field of exporting Turkish and other countries’ goo d s. It starts by specifying the best suppliers and manufacturers and choosing the best resources in Türkiye and other parts of the world. Then arranging everything related to negotiations to obtain the best prices and to arrange the inspection of the goods and its accompanying processes of packing and goods receiving. For companies interested in improving its profitability, we offer consultation on management and operations aspects and offer our recommendations. For companies that are making losses, we offer management audit, technical audit and we do analysis of company operations and we offer solutions and supervise their execution until the company is back to its profitability.
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1. We guarantee smooth  process of import, export, transport and fast delivery.

2. Instant professional communication.

3. Competitive prices and better quality products.

4. Wider range of product options and more alternatives.

5. We are Not just a supplier but we are solution providers.

6. We Makes sure that you are making profit.

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