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The packaging materials that we supply can be of any variety such as paper, wood, metals, glass and plastic. Therefore your product’s options are endless. Our Team can arrange to supply you the necessary as per your packaging needs. From simple papers to multi colored, textured plastic we have all your materials for any packaging project. We can also custom order packaging materials to your liking. We will provide an initial mockup/prototype for any order where applicable.


Our raw material supply depends on the industry that customer is working in and we supply all major raw materials for packaging such as Plastic resins, CaCo3 fillers, tin-plates, paper rolls, inks and many many others. For the raw material for processes we supply material such as, edible oils and derivatives, acids and chemicals and many others based on the industry.

Our raw materials division is working with some of the world’s leading distributors and manufacturers of raw materials. We are the link between raw materials producers and the packaging and processing industry, ensuring seamless production and supply along the entire supply chain until reaching our customers.


We help you make your spare management more efficient through providing swift supply as if the spare parts are in our warehouses. We achieve this through having excellent suppliers and following up to keep stocks readily available for our customers.


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