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Industries Always Require Consultations

With our Management consulting we aim to help organizations to improve their performance. Organizations may draw upon the services of our management consultancy for a number of reasons. Some might need to expand their facilities or add new production facilities and some may need to evaluate their current factories and business models in order to improve their profitability.
Other customers might have a factory that is not making any profit, in such cases we provide technical and management audits in order to examine the results and pin point where the losses are coming from. We also assist customers in taking the necessary measures to tackle the problems found so as to make the customer profiting again. Furthermore, we assist our customer in acquiring any industry specific processes required.

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Plant layout is the arrangement of machines, work areas and service areas within a factory. Plant layout involves the development
of physical relationship among building, equipment and production operations, which will enable the manufacturing process to
be carried on efficiently. We work with our customers to design the best layout for their new manufacturing facilities. We also
help in modifying current layouts to give our customers an edge to improve further their production efficiency.

we understand what most manufacturers want, when it comes to industry-specific technology.
One-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist. From accounting and financial organizations to manufacturing to healthcare,
your business faces a distinct set of challenges that other industries don’t, and what works for them doesn’t give you the same
results. Thats why we provide our customers with the technologies that suits them the most and that is tailored to their present and future needs.


A Technical Audit is a thorough verification of the manufacturer's processes, material consumptions, wastes and loses, utility
consumptions and loses and manpower utilization. With those audits we can help our customers to identify faulty areas where the
factory is continuously loosing (bleeding), we also check the financial and management aspects if any of them was found to
contribute to the losses. In cases where the customer does not have a system to control then we first conduct a survey where we can
identify the overall status of the facility. Then we provide the customer with know how in order to create their annual and monthly budgets
including maintenance, raw material, manpower, assets, stationery, consumables and management expenses budgets. We then help
the customers to control these budgets so by the end of each month the profit and loss is revised and closely monitored and all
deviations are addressed and resolved. In larger size companies all the above can be provided through a fully computerized and
automated systems.

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